About us


Our laser cutting services produce complex parts from materials ranging in thickness from .020" to .500". Laser cutting will outperform plasma, water jet, and conventional cutting methods in a number of ways. We can create components of all sizes in small, medium, and large batches from flat sheet.


Our fabrication services combined with our unmatched laser cutting services provide you with all the services you need to get your project started. Our expert staff is experienced working with our tools and providing fabrication services.


We provide forming services so you can save time and  money by only dealing with one business for all your fabrication needs. We provide every service you need to get your project started. From a single part to thousands of parts, you'll find excellent quality no matter the size of your order.



  • Lights out operation
  • 24-hour operation available
  • Fast turnarounds
  • High quality
  • Pipe cutting
  • Tubing cutting
  • Various structural shapes
  • Unmatched customer service